Alligator Bites

I wasn’t very afraid of cooking alligator, because all I had ever heard was that it “tastes like chicken.”  For some reason, I’ve always thought that it was alligator or

Ostrich – the other other red meat

I’m not sure that ostrich should be listed in the “me got game,” section of my website, but since I don’t have an enormous catalog of blog entries, I’m going

Boar not entirely boring

Okay carnivores, enough of exotic fruits and veggies for a while.  This one’s for you. Last week I visited Black Angus Fine Meats and Game in Mississauga and picked up

Tantalizing Tamarind

As a rule, I have to say that I avoid Walmart’s food section, even though my husband has encouraged me to visit the market where the lowest price is the

Once you go black…(black radish, that is)

I was pushing my kids in the stroller on a mission to nowhere in my neighborhood this week when a sign on a basket of  round, dark root veggies that

Horseradish that made my husband whinny

This entry is only my third, but it has, so far, taken the blue ribbon as far as my husband is concerned.  Little does he know I very nearly poisoned