Reach for the star fruits (aka Carambola)

Flirty fruits | June 9, 2012 | By

If my blog was a beauty contest, the star fruit would be a finalist for sure.   It might not win overall though, because in the words of the Northern Pikes, “she ain’t pretty she just looks that way.” (“Her ego wrote cheques incredibly fast, but her personality didn’t…have…the cash.”  Genius.)

Now the star fruit didn’t taste horrible, it just wasn’t exactly a superstar.  It tasted kind of like a large unripe green grape, although it wasn’t as juicy as a grape.  I might be able to blame its lack of flair on my proximity to its native climate, though.  There are times when long journeys on trucks and planes don’t do food justice, and the star fruit I prepared had to travel all the way from its native country somewhere in Southeast Asia, or at least from where it has been transplanted in South or Central America, all of which are quite a hike from the lovely Greater Toronto Area.

The fruit was easy to prepare, as the skin, seeds, and flesh are all edible, so all you have to do is slice it crossways to get the pretty little stars you see above.  I think they’d be lovely as a garnish, or as part of a salad, but as a main course…  it might need jazzing up with some flavours from ugly foods with a lot more oomph. 

The recipe I chose to base mine on (here) was not very fancy, because I was trying to appeal to the kids at my slummy mummy playdate, where my mummy friends and I drink a glass of wine while the kids entertain one another and we referee occasionally.  Having entertaining food is always useful to keep the kids happy, and I find that if you put anything on a stick it becomes much more kid friendly, as long as you make sure to remove the empty sticks from the area afterward to avoid mini swordfights and associated eye injuries.  Which brings me to my…

Grilled Starfruit Kabobs (makes 9)

  • 3 star fruit, sliced crossways, ends discarded (not too thinly)
  • 3 bananas, each sliced into 3 pieces
  • 1 pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into hunks
  • Wooden skewers, soaked in water for ½ hour
  • 3Tbsp honey
  • 3Tbsp lime juice
  • Vanilla flavoured Greek yogurt for dipping

Directions:  Prepare fruit and skewer it lengthwise so that there is one piece of pineapple, banana, and star fruit on each skewer, making sure the star is at the top for aesthetic reasons.  Whisk the honey and lime juice together in a small bowl and brush it over the kabobs.  Grill the kabobs on med-high heat for 3-5mins per side.  Eat immediately.


I went with the flow in my update today and told you the ending early – I won’t be craving star fruit in the near future.  I would try it in another recipe, though, with more powerhouse ingredients, but I think it’s a food that needs friends to live up to its full potential.  Luckily it’s cute enough that it will probably meet its fair share of them.  If you decide to make these kabobs, eat them right away because my bananas went brown by the time they made it to my playdate, which would have embarrassed me if I hadn’t been drinking wine.

Rating:  1 Yum. 



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