Game Day – “Snap to it” weekly challenge

Now some of you may be reading hoping for a weird cooking experiment, which is generally my thing. But thanks to Joanna at, who is one of my Internet buds (here is where my husband is giggling and I’m saying “but they’re REAL”) I virtually met (keep laughing, but they’re my FRIENDS, and not the Facebook kind), Cinnamon, who hangs out at, and knowing the two of them has encouraged me to veer from my general theme. But it’s really for the benefit of my general theme. I’ll continue.

When I started my blog, I took pictures with my iPhone. Yes, I’m sure Apple will tell you the camera keeps getting better and better, but I often wondered, “Hey, why are most food pictures so good that I can physically smell them, while mine kind of … stink?” Example below.

Mushroom beet green penne

Around that time, my husband bought a kick-ass camera. I happily set it to auto, and things improved immediately. Example below.

Rind salad

But I still had no clue what any of the wee dials on the camera did. Enter Joanna and Cinnamon




both of whom creepily may just have my colouring, but more importantly, are both fantastic photographers. And Cinnamon was willing to teach me how to use my camera! Every week! Here, in the Snap to It challenge.

I have happily submitted for two weeks now, learning new photographic skills each time. For week 1, the theme was “basic” and here was my submission


I was pretty proud of that picture. I was slightly disappointed I wasn’t chosen to win that week, but since Joanna did it was all good.

Last week’s theme was “triangle.” I didn’t get to submit because I couldn’t upload from where I was in Ireland, but here’s what I took, which you may have seen on the blog just yesterday, loyal followers who I love. My husband Phil kicked my butt with his nonchalant entry, immediately following mine.

IMG_3517 IMG_3604

And so, after the longest preamble ever recorded in the history of mankind, here are the pics I took of Charly this week, where we were focusing on achieving “bokeh,” or “good blurriness,” as I understand it. My submission will be one of the first two – which do you like best??

Girl talk?

Girl talk

Or game day jitters?

Game day jitters

Here are a few more that aren’t contenders, but are good Charly shots with ok Bokeh. Love the bokeh.

IMG_3779 IMG_3782 IMG_3784 IMG_3785 IMG_3786

Looking forward to an action shot tutorial in future!

If you’re just a foodie and not a photography fan, tune in for weird cooking trials again soon. If you’re a shutterbug though, check out Cinnamon’s site and join in! (And a question for you: Which photo should I have submitted?)


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    Mike @ Midwestern Bite
    June 4, 2013

    I think I prefer Girl Talk. I like the blur of the background kids. I know our son never stands still.

    And wait, there’s a Tim Horton’s in Canada?!? 😉

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      Ann Allchin
      June 5, 2013

      Thanks! I ended up going with Girl Talk because Charly was happier than in Game Day Jitters, so glad you agree for a different reason!

      Congrats on your puppy pic being Cinnamon’s fav this week! It was a great shot, also with happy subject matter.

      Yes, there are one or two Tim Hortons’ in Canada, but still somehow there’s not one nearby when you need it most. Which is all the time. FYI the kids’ teams are named after donuts. Last year Charly was a Blueberry Fritter, and this year she’s a Sprinkle. I’d like to say they kicked the Honey Dippers’ butts the other night, but sadly…

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    Joanna @ Midwestern Bite
    June 4, 2013

    I think your husband is just jealous. I bet he wishes he had more internet aka real life friends! We can be Facebook friends too if that would make me more legit in your hubby’s eyes 😉

    I liked your triangle pic BETTER than your husbands. It’s the lighting in it. The lighting is awesome.

    Kids playing soccer are the cutest! Way cuter than kids playing any other sport in my opinion. My fav pic is actually the second to the last, close up portrait. Great Bokeh and I love the shadows and light playing on her face. Precious.

    I am also really looking forward to action shot tutorials as well as portraits. I think Cinnamon’s portraits are amazing and you can really feel like you know a person when you look at them. I can take close up shots with my macro and shoot food up in trees, but portraits? Moving subjects? I kinda suck at both those things.

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      Ann Allchin
      June 5, 2013

      Thanks! I had fun taking real pics at the soccer game, although I did feel odd pulling out the big yet necessary lens. Do other women photographers feel a bit…male…shooting with the big lens? Maybe it’s just me.

      I’m learning a ton from Cinnamon and really enjoying it! Thanks for introducing me.

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