Snap to it! Sunburst challenge

Here’s a good tip for all of you. If you’re trying to download something, and there are errors in grammar, like, “R u shure u want to downlode these?” it’s a good idea not to proceed.

Here’s another tip. Don’t be a last-minute person. You see, I’ve always been a last-minute person. At times this has served me well, like when I worked for a consulting firm where everyone else was last-minute too, and I was finding print shops that were open all night thinking, “Wow, if I was one of those people who had always had my school assignments done three weeks ahead of time, I’d really be freaking out right now.” But for the most part, being last-minute doesn’t pay off.

Like for Cinnamon’s most recent Snaptoit assignment.


I’ve been submitting to her photography challenges each week to improve my regular weird cooking blog photos. For this one she gave us two weeks, but of course I was still racing at the end. We had to learn to photograph a sunburst. Know what the problem can be when you leave that kind of challenge to the early evening on the day it’s due? If you live in the city, it can be kind of hard to find the sun behind all the buildings. I had to walk around hunting for it, and when I finally found it, it didn’t make for very interesting pictures, even though the sunburst itself was cool.



If I had walked all the way to the park to nab something more interesting than a streetlight, I might have missed the entire sunset.

But then it happened. A streetcar went by. How many cities have streetcars? (from what I can interpret from Wikipedia, exactly 9). I stood around with my camera waiting for the next streetcar to shoot, which makes people very suspicious on a busy city street. I felt like they thought I was trying to capture them doing something sneaky. Oh, city life. I wondered if I could actually stand around waiting for the next streetcar with a camera around my neck for ten whole minutes without someone wrestling me to the ground trying to rip my non-existent film out of the camera like in a spy movie. And then one came in the other direction! I snapped to it, and took three shots. And then I decided that to be a true competitor in this competition, I had to make them into a movie.

I went home, struggled to feed and put my kids to bed, and then got down to figuring out how to join pictures together to make a video clip. I frantically downloaded the Windows Movie Maker software web gurus recommended.

See advice in paragraph 1. My computer slowed because of weird highly contagious electronic viruses and time marched on. Then my daughter woke up with a fever, she needed me to sleep beside her, and I missed the deadline. See advice in paragraph 2 about not being a last-minute person.

But I finished the video.


Now wasn’t that well worth it? Urban art. Better late than never, I guess! My mid-year resolution is to not leave tasks until they’re due. Back to more strange food cooking in a few days…


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    July 17, 2013

    Lol…amazing guest stars. The shots look great and it should also be mentioned how damn hot it must have been while you were out hunting for the sun behind the streetcar.
    ps: GET A MAC!!

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      Ann Allchin
      July 17, 2013

      I soooo need a Mac for so many reasons. And yes, I had to run home and quench the heat and stress with an icy rose…

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