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Hey, before we get going, you should know that this is a also a guest post for my favourite women’s magazine, The Purple Fig, where I happen to be a Senior Editor. Fancy schmancy title, huh? Don’t worry, I totally own it. And oh, I’m going to be talking about some products, but no one paid me for these opinions and we only got one darn drink for free, so you’ll know I’m giving you the whole truth and nothin but the truth. Kay?

Now that I’ve gotten all that out of the way, let’s get down to business. On Thursday night, three of us Purple Fig-o-philes went on a little field trip to The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo at the Toronto Convention Centre. It’s on until tomorrow, in case you happen to be thirsty and in the neighborhood. I used to go to this show every year BK (Before Kids) but I hadn’t been in a while, and so was looking forward to a night out with the ladies. Basically it’s a food and alcohol playground in a massive space, and you walk around for hours sipping and snacking. Since most of my followers are foodies, you’re totally jealous now, right? I’m definitely living the dream.

So this time when I went, I was on a bit of a mission, because it was my first time attending since the inauguration of my dangerous food blog, where I try to cook weird stuff (See my black chicken post from earlier this week, just as an example, in case you’re new). There are always creative food and drinks at the food and wine expo – that’s kind of the point. I was on a quest to find the very weirdest.

The problem with a quest at a wine expo is that you get into a little of this…



And then chase it with some of this

This was our free sample! And the lady was super nice

This was our free sample! And the lady was super nice

And then suddenly you’re hanging out with a spaceman…


And licking ice sculptures…

Meet Trish, Editor-in-chief of The Purple Fig

Meet Trish, Editor-in-chief of The Purple Fig

…instead of upholding your journalistic integrity and finding the most dangerous food at the show. I gave my head a shake, straightened the camera around my neck, visited the bathroom (just for a #1, we weren’t THAT bad), and got back on track.

I found a pretty cool pomegranate liqueur that was different, so let’s give that third prize. Doesn’t seem super strange, but if you brought it out as a little after dinner how-ya-doin, it’s not something your guests would be used to. It was the perfect balance between sweet and tart. And it probably has antioxidants and fights bladder infections as an added bonus.

Cranberry liqueur

Let’s give second prize to the maple candy floss. It was light, delicious, Canadian, and even organic,Β and it made my kids super happy to have as a souvenir. If you want some, check it out here.

Maple floss

And now, for the most dangerous food I found at the Food & Wine Expo. Drum roll please…

Pulled pork parfait

Yes, it was the pulled pork parfait.

Pulled pork.

Ice cream.


Except that it wasn’t really ice cream. But the other Purple Fig ladies thought it was, and they were completely unsurprised to see me racing to be at the front of the line to get one. Potatoes, they were potatoes. I had to hide my slight disappointment. But I loved the presentation, and the pulled pork was fantastic. Super easy to recreate for a party.

Oh, and honourable mention? The ideal dessert…


I even had seconds.


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    November 16, 2013

    You know it’s a party when a guy in a deep sea diving outfit shows up with a 9,000L bottle of booze….great pics. I haven’t been in about ten years so its nice to see it’s still mainly about getting drunk and eating unhealthy food πŸ™‚ Another great article as usual, always a blast reading your posts.

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      Ann Allchin
      November 16, 2013

      There were chips on a stick too – highly recommend them. Thanks for the nice words!

  2. Leave a Reply

    Jackie Dale
    November 17, 2013

    It was a great night. If only we had more time to explore further! I liked the space suit man at the spiced rum (The Kracken) booth served with ginger beer. The sparkling Sake I tried was also different and could be incredibly dangerous πŸ™‚

    • Leave a Reply

      Ann Allchin
      November 17, 2013

      Aw man! How did I miss the sparkling sake? I guess I’ll just have to go back…

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    November 17, 2013

    Awesome! You’re so funny, dangerous cooking lady.

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    November 19, 2013

    Lol.. Very funny. Love the way you write and your foodie point of view rocks.. Was that Trish licking the ice sculpture? hmm. Wouldn’t surprise me..

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