Icemageddon – December Snaptoit photo challenge

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So I’m just a blogging fool lately, eh? You can usually tell how much my husband is travelling for work by how frequent my blog posts are (he is currently completely up to date on all of Air Canada’s movies). In this case he’s off work for the holidays, and I hadn’t planned another post so soon after my Christmas trees ain’t delicious unless they’re cookies one, but when our city was dipped in ice I just couldn’t resist.

I’ve been following Cinnamon’s Snaptoit photo challenges since they began,

and I have to say that my photos are getting progressively better by great increments. Thanks Cinnamon! If you have a DSLR camera and you always shoot in auto mode, you really need to practice with her posts and then jump in and start submitting with the most current post-of-the-month. December’s post showed us how to proactively select where to direct our camera’s focus.

But back to our “ice storm,” which wasn’t a storm of any kind as I remember it, as much as it was rain and then very cold weather that froze absolutely everything. (UPDATE: Thanks to I just learned that an ice storm happens when there’s warm air between two layers of cold air, so that cold precipitation falls, unfreezes, and then refreezes when close to the ground covering everything with ice. Just call me Ann Slick the science chick). The parking metres froze too – Merry Christmas to me, I got to park for free today!

Parking metre

The “storm” isn’t a party for everyone, though. Old trees are pretty, and we have a lot of them in Toronto. But when they start decapitating themselves and throwing their limbs around at cars, houses, and power lines, they’re not as much fun. 300,000 people are out of power right now because of incidents similar to this tree inconveniently blocking the end of our street. (Don’t get turned off by the bad photography yet – this was a quickie iPhone shot through my car window, but they get better!)


So Toronto is annoyed by the ice right now, but it sure is pretty! While chilly people bunked with relatives or got their candles ready, I waltzed around and took pictures, practicing moving my focus to areas of the frame outside the centre.

1-IMG_5756 1-IMG_5759 1-IMG_5760 1-IMG_5761 1-IMG_5763 1-IMG_5764 1-IMG_5770 1-IMG_5771 1-IMG_5773

Hey look, it’s the same hedge, different areas of focus! I didn’t know how to do that before!

1-IMG_5767 1-IMG_5768

And here’s the picture I submitted to Cinnamon. Hope to see you again at my next post, where I cook up my final dangerous food of 2013 (and it’s a festive one, too). Stay warm!

Christmas ice storm


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      Ann Allchin
      December 24, 2013

      Thanks! Never would have known how to do them without you! Merry Christmas, teach!

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    December 24, 2013

    Awesome pictures!! You took some amazing shots! I’m going to check out that blog. I only shoot in auto focus and know I should learn but have convinced myself I just don’t have the time.. Merry Christmas!

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