A knack for sumac

After a family day of skiing and lazing around at the cottage, my family members had built up quite a thirst. (That’s my little guy who’s only four. His board-sport

Canadian cocktails and Sriracha sauce

Happy Canada Day! Oh, and can’t forget (How did a picture of our kids’ Kindergarten teacher get there?) Anyway. A little while ago, my friend Trish from the Purple Fig

Crazy for Cranberries

I may have mentioned that I enjoy food festivals. Now if you’re of the urban persuasion, you may be thinking I’m talking about a Food & Wine Expo. Or maybe

Apres School, and the Sapodilla

Know what I’m not any good at? Skiing. But it’s not for lack of trying. Okay, maybe it actually is for lack of trying. When I was in high school, my

Cou(s) cou(s) for Coconut Water

I’m such a genius at maximizing my titles’ search engine potential. Remember how I blogged about the Toronto Wine and Food Show a few weeks ago? You may recall my

Go Green (Smoothie) or Go Home

A while back, Jerry Seinfeld’s wife wrote a cookbook where she hid healthy food inside kid-type food to pull a fast one on her kids.  I think she stuffed organic

Miraculous aloe vera lemonade (with an aloe scramble chaser)

I had been seeing aloe vera drinks around, and I was intrigued.  Until aloe quietly began to take up residence beside the coke and orangina at the store, I had

Virgin Custard Apple Piña Coladas

Wow.  Congratulate me on a title that is so googlable that my webphone is going to be ringing off the hook. Here comes a long story short.  I have a