Silkie smooth chicken

Ebony and Ivory. Perfect harmony. Jungle Fever? I never actually saw the movie, but the poster was pretty awesome. Yes, I’m nearly as weird as the foods I cook. The

Don’t toss your guts – giblet gravy

I just started reading “I am Malala,” the biography of the 16-year-old who was shot by the Taliban for saying that girls should be allowed to go to school. When

Queen bee for a day – Cooking with royal jelly

If you click on over to The Purple Fig (a fantastic online magazine where women can “share without ego or self-consciousness”) you’ll find where I just guest-posted about royal jelly!!

Just ducky

The egg award has been my conversation lull solution lately. You know when you’re standing there with someone and there’s that awkward pause, like, “hm, I’ve already asked her about vacations

Nailing Quail

When I was at the mystery meat section of my No Frills grocery store the other day, I sorted my way past the sheep’s heads and beef face (wish I was

Ostrich – the other other red meat

I’m not sure that ostrich should be listed in the “me got game,” section of my website, but since I don’t have an enormous catalog of blog entries, I’m going