The Egg Award 2014 and My Non-entry, Lavender Creme Brûlée with Matcha Mousse

Did you know that a chef’s hat originally had one hundred pleats in it, supposedly because any self-respecting chef should know how to prepare an egg in one hundred ways?

Super delicious baby bug shrimp, and a winner!

Now this post is going to look a lot like a love-in. I love you too, I promise. But a while ago, I won the opportunity to name a chicken who

Who knows? A giveaway!

So here’s a first. My loyal fans know I cook weird stuff. I find it, slay it (or at least charge it, usually with the “tap,” if you must know), research

Luscious lychees

Great title, if I do say so myself, except that this recipe did not include a single solitary little lychee. But let’s start on a note of congratulations! For me!

Just ducky

The egg award has been my conversation lull solution lately. You know when you’re standing there with someone and there’s that awkward pause, like, “hm, I’ve already asked her about vacations

Ta dah! A Midwestern winner of the Great Shepherd’s Pie Contest

Well, after thousands of entries (if you count spam blog comments asking me to buy fake Louis Vuitton bags as entries), a winner of the Great Shepherd’s Pie Contest has

The strangely scrumptious shepherd’s pie contest

And now, after having spell-checked “shepherd,” for fifteen minutes … Argh.  I’m generally a ridiculously anal speller, but “Sheppard Avenue,” here in Toronto and various spellings of people’s last names