The Bison Saskatoon Burger-wich

Oh, the burger nerd is going to be maaaaad at me. You see, the burger nerd is into burgers. I mean, really into burgers. We’re talking blog posts about McDonald’s

Fried green tomatoes

I’ve been kind of procrastinating this post, so let me explain why it’s tardy. Weeks ago, I went to The Royal Winter Fair and found a dangerous food there. The

How do ya like them grapples?

Let me tell you a little story. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much… And the mommy looks like this And the daddy looks like this

A dangerous triple play – Amchur, mulberries and a gargantuan avocado. Salad.

Forgive me if you sense some pent up frustration behind this post today. Phil is away, so I’ve been single parenting. No biggie there, but when that’s going on, I

Feeling crabby? How to cook crabapples

Yay! I found crab apples at our local mini market this week! Love when a dangerous food’s name gives me the opportunity to go off on a tangent.   Here

Luscious lychees

Great title, if I do say so myself, except that this recipe did not include a single solitary little lychee. But let’s start on a note of congratulations! For me!

Gooseberry cheesecake – only slightly hairy

My husband is not very hairy. He has a good sense of humour, though, so as a result, other man friends will sometimes tease him about his hairlessness. I have

Artichoke lemonade

Okay, so I didn’t actually make artichoke lemonade. I was just trying to work on my search rankings. Because that title is going to be a home run. I haven’t blogged

Toothless Sunshine loves dragon fruit

Our house is all about dragons right now. The dragon connection started in an odd way. My jeans fell apart, because I’m cheap, and I don’t enjoy buying expensive jeans,

Slow cooker double feature – Lamb shoulder and quince, and Pork hock and cabbage

I’ve been loving my crockpot lately – it’s getting cold, and I’m getting lazy.  I just love that you can peel and chop a thing or two, douse it with