Sausage with a heart

I’ve been procrastinating writing this post for a number of reasons, even though I’ve had the idea for it for some time. The first reason I’ve been dragging is that

Moose Balls

Yeah, I’d eat Bullwinkle. (What are Rocky and Bullwinkle doing in that picture?) But anyway, I’d definitely eat Bullwinkle. Here’s how this is relevant. My most recent dangerous cooking was

I ate Rudolph for Christmas

I had big plans for a Christmas post where I was going to cook Reindeer moss. I was all geared up to use it in place of kale in a

The Bison Saskatoon Burger-wich

Oh, the burger nerd is going to be maaaaad at me. You see, the burger nerd is into burgers. I mean, really into burgers. We’re talking blog posts about McDonald’s

Haggis soup that would make Robbie Burns proud

There’s a weird identity-thing about being Canadian. When I was a kid, the other kids would ask, “So what are you?” I hated the question, because all I knew of

The best bison Frank has ever eaten

Apologies to my many, many fans for leaving you without a blog update for so long.  The truth is I was on vacation, and I thought that if I blogged

Roo on the Barbie

I think my family members were all reluctant to try this week’s dangerous food.  It had been in my freezer for some time before I gathered my courage and thawed

My humps – How to cook camel

If you look back through my previous posts, you’ll see that my meats are slowly becoming more and more exotic as time goes on.  That’s primarily thanks to procrastination.   You

Alligator Bites

I wasn’t very afraid of cooking alligator, because all I had ever heard was that it “tastes like chicken.”  For some reason, I’ve always thought that it was alligator or

Ostrich – the other other red meat

I’m not sure that ostrich should be listed in the “me got game,” section of my website, but since I don’t have an enormous catalog of blog entries, I’m going