The Bison Saskatoon Burger-wich

Oh, the burger nerd is going to be maaaaad at me. You see, the burger nerd is into burgers. I mean, really into burgers. We’re talking blog posts about McDonald’s

Icewine! It’s what’s for dinner

Icewine is a pretty cool strange food, pardon the pun. I was lucky enough to have received a few bottles as gifts recently, but my fellow potential tasters were less

Amaranth made Phil Callaloopy

Disclaimer #1 – This post is about amaranth making Phil loopy, not absinthe. We’ll save the latter for another day. Disclaimer #2 – Many pigs were harmed in the making

Does this taste like pee?

A question I did not ask my husband tonight, but I could have. Not should have, in my mind, but could have. So I didn’t. Last time I was at Rowe Farms, I picked

Haggis soup that would make Robbie Burns proud

There’s a weird identity-thing about being Canadian. When I was a kid, the other kids would ask, “So what are you?” I hated the question, because all I knew of

Cheeky Monkey (but not monkey, thank God)

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that initially I forgot what I was supposed to post about. I cooked something a while ago, and knew I had transferred the

The strangely scrumptious shepherd’s pie contest

And now, after having spell-checked “shepherd,” for fifteen minutes … Argh.  I’m generally a ridiculously anal speller, but “Sheppard Avenue,” here in Toronto and various spellings of people’s last names

Got me some tail

I just got the best book for Christmas.  I asked my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for a small paperback about cooking the odd bits of an animal, and what they got

Slow cooker double feature – Lamb shoulder and quince, and Pork hock and cabbage

I’ve been loving my crockpot lately – it’s getting cold, and I’m getting lazy.  I just love that you can peel and chop a thing or two, douse it with

Beer and Biltong

This is my first post where I’ve cheated.  Cheater cheater biltong eater. I’ve cheated because I didn’t actually cook anything this time, even though this is a cooking blog.  A