Scorpion snacks that bite you back

So a good while back, my old boss John contacted me. He was my boss in my first job straight out of school, when I wrote reports for a small

Uncle Tetsu and Birthday Barnacles

Well some cooking blog this is turning out to be. I haven’t been cooking oddities lately, but you can bet I’ve been eating them.  A few weeks ago, my foodie

Crickets and shroom logs

Does the subject of this post make you think of camping? Good times in college? (NOT me, Mom, don’t worry). Good eatin? Ding ding! SO many thing to share with

Cuisine for the dogs

I don’t think I’ve mentioned our biggest news of the past few months. I’m a mom! Again! And I didn’t have to carry this one around in my body or

Sweetbreads are neither

Oh how I procrastinate experimenting with innards. As much as it may seem that I’m adventurous with food because of the theme of my blog, I have never been an

Wheaten is good eatin’

I nearly left the apostrophe out of this post’s title, but then I just couldn’t do it.┬áBecause that would be wrong. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here is a picture that

It’s Joanna’s virtual shower! And a bunch of dangerous baby foods!

Today’s post is an extra special one. You see, my Internet friends, Joanna and her husband Mike from way on over there at, are expecting a baby. So sweetheart

Gee, it’s ghee!

Well finally. You may have been able to guess from my last post that I’ve been feeling flumpy lately. When you cook dangerously, you take certain risks, going for ingredients

Dangerous food impulse buys gone wrong

Friends, I gotta tell ya, being a dangerous food home chef is not always easy. There can be big bumps on the road to creative food greatness. You may remember

Cou(s) cou(s) for Coconut Water

I’m such a genius at maximizing my titles’ search engine potential. Remember how I blogged about the Toronto Wine and Food Show a few weeks ago? You may recall my