On a dangerous food quest – The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

Hey, before we get going, you should know that this is a also a guest post for my favourite women’s magazine, The Purple Fig, where I happen to be a

Icewine! It’s what’s for dinner

Icewine is a pretty cool strange food, pardon the pun. I was lucky enough to have received a few bottles as gifts recently, but my fellow potential tasters were less

Too much cheek

In case you’re new, this is an experimental food blog. Luckily, the experiments often work out, but sometimes, they stink. Literally. Tonight things were cooking along quite well. I had planned to

Snap up some lobster mushrooms

Ever have guests pop in, and all you have in your fridge are salmon cheeks, conch, and lobster mushrooms? Just me? Phil was in Vancouver this week, so I had

It’s not easy being green – How to cook frogs’ legs

Why does it make me feel so bad to eat this… When I eat this… …all the time. Maybe it’s because she’s such a beeyatch. And now, for a little

Moving difference, chocolate chip cookies, and Wendy Babcock

This post is will be a bit different from my usual fear-factor-yet-delicious-and-cute cooking blog (and the keyword searches keep coming). One day, some time ago, through the information superhighway, “Moving

Artichoke lemonade

Okay, so I didn’t actually make artichoke lemonade. I was just trying to work on my search rankings. Because that title is going to be a home run. I haven’t blogged

The strangely scrumptious shepherd’s pie contest

And now, after having spell-checked “shepherd,” for fifteen minutes … Argh.  I’m generally a ridiculously anal speller, but “Sheppard Avenue,” here in Toronto and various spellings of people’s last names

Pretty Pakoras

I feel slightly embarrassed by the “new” ingredient I’ve chosen to showcase with this post.  I always experiment with foods I’ve never prepared here, hoping that others will read about

Bystanders choke after the Jerusalem Artichoke

Is it wrong that I knowingly made my husband gassy purely for my own entertainment? Let me backtrack a bit.  This week, my strange, dangerous food was the Jerusalem Artichoke.