Pesto is Best-o

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but winter is coming. And do you know what? If Jon Snow won’t be there, I’ll stick with summer, thanks. Mmmm, Jon Snooo-owehh. Do

Flat beans and cans (not flat cans)

Oh, how I do love Googlable headings. SEO genius, right here. I am still romanced by weird foods and techniques on a regular basis, even though I don’t get a

Crickets and shroom logs

Does the subject of this post make you think of camping? Good times in college? (NOT me, Mom, don’t worry). Good eatin? Ding ding! SO many thing to share with

Orange is the New Dandelion

Today we’re talking dandelions No, not THAT dandelion. Or friend of Dandelion, anyway. Orange is the New Black is back in a few days! Yay! But allow me to digress.

Breadfruit. Not bread. May be fruit. But not fruity

This post is the first in a series of three: Big odd green things I found at the grocery store this week. Big odd green thing #1: Breadfruit. You know

Pink pumpkins

Today’s post is a tribute to my friend Joanna at Midwesternbite. If I remember correctly, Joanna feels that (a) There is far too much pumpkin madness in the fall in

The doggone sweetest sweet peppers that ever lived

(Not really, regarding the title of this post). But I bought my latest dangerous food based on the marketing. Here’s what the package said: First of all, any food that

Sweetbreads are neither

Oh how I procrastinate experimenting with innards. As much as it may seem that I’m adventurous with food because of the theme of my blog, I have never been an

Who knows? A giveaway!

So here’s a first. My loyal fans¬†know I cook weird stuff. I find it, slay it (or at least charge it, usually with the “tap,” if you must know), research

Christmas trees aren’t good eating

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I picked up a jar of spruce tips from our local market forager guy. I think they’re one of those things that