A New Year’s winter radish salad

For some reason, this post has me thinking about New Year’s. I’m a titch early, I know, but I was early for American Thanksgiving when I posted about Canadian Thanksgiving,

Fried green tomatoes

I’ve been kind of procrastinating this post, so let me explain why it’s tardy. Weeks ago, I went to The Royal Winter Fair and found a dangerous food there. The

Pretty cauliflower makes pretty ok pizza – Romanesco Cauliflower

Hey, you know what’s fun to do if you’re babysitting someone’s kids? It’s kind of a good time to experiment on them. I was watching two super cute little lab

Amaranth made Phil Callaloopy

Disclaimer #1 – This post is about amaranth making Phil loopy, not absinthe. We’ll save the latter for another day. Disclaimer #2 – Many pigs were harmed in the making

Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb bread

The other day, I was having one of those days. I’ve been training for the “Cycle for Sight” – a 140Km bike ride this coming Saturday – so I’ve been

Salt of the earth – Sea asparagus

I have an unapologetic love of salt. I smother my eggs in it, I add it to McDonald’s already salty fries… can’t get enough. Luckily I have low blood pressure,

Does nettle soup bite back?

This post is going to be multifaceted, so get ready. It will include dangerous cooking, of course, but because I was just in Ireland for two weeks, it will be

Artichoke lemonade

Okay, so I didn’t actually make artichoke lemonade. I was just trying to work on my search rankings. Because that title is going to be a home run. I haven’t blogged

Swimming with the fishes

Ever walk past a tank of swimming fish in a grocery store’s seafood department and think to yourself, “Who the heck actually buys one of those?”  Well, this week, for

Bystanders choke after the Jerusalem Artichoke

Is it wrong that I knowingly made my husband gassy purely for my own entertainment? Let me backtrack a bit.  This week, my strange, dangerous food was the Jerusalem Artichoke.