The Great (Green) Pumpkin (Squash)

A few days ago I wrote about cute little grape kiwis, and said that everyone likes to eat something if it’s extra mini.  Now, only two days later, I’m going

What a hottie – The Pisilla Baijo

Everyone has a hot pepper story, and today I want to hear yours. Here’s mine.  We’re in Mexico, 2003.  It’s fajita day at the buffet.  The fresh flour tortilla shells

Hellova Jicama (HIH-cuh-muh)

I ran into a problem at the grocery store this week that I often do while buying foods for my blog, but this time it was taken to the extreme.

Miraculous aloe vera lemonade (with an aloe scramble chaser)

I had been seeing aloe vera drinks around, and I was intrigued.  Until aloe quietly began to take up residence beside the coke and orangina at the store, I had

Easy peasy lemon cream cheesy garlic greens spread

That’s one heck of a title.  Thank goodness I don’t work for the Toronto Sun, because then I’d have been forced to choose a quick, aggressive title like, “Dip Gyp!”

The ugliest veggie ever

Sometimes when I think about the premise of my blog, I worry.  This isn’t a shock to anyone who knows me, because I worry about just about everything (unless it’s

Roasted fiddleheads, carrots, and a mushroom triple threat

I have a special place in my heart for foods that can’t be played (aw crap, a pun.  I’m leaving it).  With fiddleheads, there’s no messing around.  They show up

Albino eggplant (or blanche aubergine)

I picked up the prettiest veggies the other day – two gorgeously white eggplants.  When I got them they were pristine, but because I didn’t cook them for a few

Snotty Cactus

Don’t let the title of this entry fool you, I’m not saying that cactus is stuck up.  I’m saying that when you eat it, it tastes like it’s squishing mucus

Bitter Melon (aka Karela) Sure Is

When I go to parties, or talk to someone about my blog (where I cook quirky fruits or meats, in case you’re new) one of the questions they often ask