Icemageddon – December Snaptoit photo challenge

So I’m just a blogging fool lately, eh? You can usually tell how much my husband is travelling for work by how frequent my blog posts are (he is currently

How do ya like them grapples?

Let me tell you a little story. When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much… And the mommy looks like this And the daddy looks like this

Snap to it! Shutter speed and the dark side

And now for a photography hiatus from food… You could say I’m good with deadlines, or that I’m bad with them, depending on how you look at it. When I

Snap to it! Sunburst challenge

Here’s a good tip for all of you. If you’re trying to download something, and there are errors in grammar, like, “R u shure u want to downlode these?” it’s

Snap to it! Exposure compensation, and a tough-guy knight

You may recall from last week’s post that I’m trying to turn my camera into something more than a point-and-shoot. It’s just too darn heavy to lug around unless I’m

Game Day – “Snap to it” weekly challenge

Now some of you may be reading hoping for a weird cooking experiment, which is generally my thing. But thanks to Joanna at, who is one of my Internet

Does nettle soup bite back?

This post is going to be multifaceted, so get ready. It will include dangerous cooking, of course, but because I was just in Ireland for two weeks, it will be