Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb bread

The other day, I was having one of those days. I’ve been training for the “Cycle for Sight” – a 140Km bike ride this coming Saturday – so I’ve been

Salt of the earth – Sea asparagus

I have an unapologetic love of salt. I smother my eggs in it, I add it to McDonald’s already salty fries… can’t get enough. Luckily I have low blood pressure,

Even carnivores might like tempeh

Soy continues to amaze me as the chameleon of the food world.  Soy can become anything; little green peas (edamame), salty black sauce, Squishy or crispy tofu, turkey, hotdogs, milk,

Lemony 3-Layer Sardine Pate

You’d think you could learn everything about life from cartoons, but you’d be wrong.  To my great disappointment, my cat has no interest in lasagna, pineapples aren’t homes for sponges

Crispy Quail Egg Mini-Bennys

I knew this experiment/recipe would be one my husband would love, because he has always loved eggs.  Family legend has it that when he was little, all he would eat

Miraculous aloe vera lemonade (with an aloe scramble chaser)

I had been seeing aloe vera drinks around, and I was intrigued.  Until aloe quietly began to take up residence beside the coke and orangina at the store, I had

Easy peasy lemon cream cheesy garlic greens spread

That’s one heck of a title.  Thank goodness I don’t work for the Toronto Sun, because then I’d have been forced to choose a quick, aggressive title like, “Dip Gyp!”

Get cosy with goji

Whenever I’m in a health food store, the goji berries flirt with me.  They peek at me through their nicely branded heavy little zip lock bags, and they look delicious,

Bitter Melon (aka Karela) Sure Is

When I go to parties, or talk to someone about my blog (where I cook quirky fruits or meats, in case you’re new) one of the questions they often ask