Uncle Tetsu and Birthday Barnacles

Well some cooking blog this is turning out to be. I haven’t been cooking oddities lately, but you can bet I’ve been eating them.  A few weeks ago, my foodie

Sealing the deal in Iqaluit

We just got back from a sunny week in Turks & Caicos (You’re welcome) While we were there, we were chatting with a super-friendly family from Boston. The dad was

Tale of some pigs’ tails

Did you catch those homophones in that title there? People pay me for that kind of grammatical genius these days. So I’m not talking pigtails. I’m talking pigtails.   Yes, in the

Freeform Friday – Watermelon cover blubbers and mini foodies

I’ve always liked watermelon, and I can eat a lot of it. When I was pregnant it was one of my things—in the first trimester with my daughter, I would

Cassava tastes good if it doesn’t kill you

There are days I cook dangerously, and days I cook dangerously. Today was the latter. I picked up some of this: Cassava. If you’re from most parts of the world, you already

On a dangerous food quest – The Gourmet Food and Wine Expo

Hey, before we get going, you should know that this is a also a guest post for my favourite women’s magazine, The Purple Fig, where I happen to be a

Snap to it! Sunburst challenge

Here’s a good tip for all of you. If you’re trying to download something, and there are errors in grammar, like, “R u shure u want to downlode these?” it’s

Game Day – “Snap to it” weekly challenge

Now some of you may be reading hoping for a weird cooking experiment, which is generally my thing. But thanks to Joanna at www.midwesternbite.com, who is one of my Internet

Chicken to try chicken livers?

I used to work with a woman, Natalie, who was very opinionated about her food. She would look at me with all the gravity she could muster, and share very

Lemony 3-Layer Sardine Pate

You’d think you could learn everything about life from cartoons, but you’d be wrong.  To my great disappointment, my cat has no interest in lasagna, pineapples aren’t homes for sponges