Jingly melons

Now there’s a blog post title that creates some mental imagery, no? Here comes Part 2 in my three part series “Big odd green things I found at the grocery

Breadfruit. Not bread. May be fruit. But not fruity

This post is the first in a series of three: Big odd green things I found at the grocery store this week. Big odd green thing #1: Breadfruit. You know

Canadian cocktails and Sriracha sauce

Happy Canada Day! Oh, and can’t forget (How did a picture of our kids’ Kindergarten teacher get there?) Anyway. A little while ago, my friend Trish from the Purple Fig

Chicken jellyfish slaw

Have you ever been overcome with jealousy while at the library? Happened to me just this week. I was sitting at a study table, innocently leafing through my gigantic dictionaries

Crazy for Cranberries

I may have mentioned that I enjoy food festivals. Now if you’re of the urban persuasion, you may be thinking I’m talking about a Food & Wine Expo. Or maybe

When hemp gives you the munchies… Sweet chili lime shrimp salad

Apologies for not blogging for a while, friends! I don’t know what’s with me these days. My husband and I are nearing the end of Breaking Bad (the show, not

A New Year’s winter radish salad

For some reason, this post has me thinking about New Year’s. I’m a titch early, I know, but I was early for American Thanksgiving when I posted about Canadian Thanksgiving,

Icewine! It’s what’s for dinner

Icewine is a pretty cool strange food, pardon the pun. I was lucky enough to have received a few bottles as gifts recently, but my fellow potential tasters were less

A dangerous triple play – Amchur, mulberries and a gargantuan avocado. Salad.

Forgive me if you sense some pent up frustration behind this post today. Phil is away, so I’ve been single parenting. No biggie there, but when that’s going on, I

Bystanders choke after the Jerusalem Artichoke

Is it wrong that I knowingly made my husband gassy purely for my own entertainment? Let me backtrack a bit.  This week, my strange, dangerous food was the Jerusalem Artichoke.