Spot prawns that are real jerks

This here is a combo post of two foodie things I was really excited about, and I wasn’t disappointed with either of them. First. A great number of weeks ago,

Chicken jellyfish slaw

Have you ever been overcome with jealousy while at the library? Happened to me just this week. I was sitting at a study table, innocently leafing through my gigantic dictionaries

Super delicious baby bug shrimp, and a winner!

Now this post is going to look a lot like a love-in. I love you too, I promise. But a while ago, I won the opportunity to name a chicken who

Cou(s) cou(s) for Coconut Water

I’m such a genius at maximizing my titles’ search engine potential. Remember how I blogged about the Toronto Wine and Food Show a few weeks ago? You may recall my

Fried green tomatoes

I’ve been kind of procrastinating this post, so let me explain why it’s tardy. Weeks ago, I went to The Royal Winter Fair and found a dangerous food there. The

Queen bee for a day – Cooking with royal jelly

If you click on over to The Purple Fig (a fantastic online magazine where women can “share without ego or self-consciousness”) you’ll find where I just guest-posted about royal jelly!!

Amaranth made Phil Callaloopy

Disclaimer #1 – This post is about amaranth making Phil loopy, not absinthe. We’ll save the latter for another day. Disclaimer #2 – Many pigs were harmed in the making

Swimming with the fishes

Ever walk past a tank of swimming fish in a grocery store’s seafood department and think to yourself, “Who the heck actually buys one of those?”  Well, this week, for

Don’t eat the daisies (but go for zucchini flowers)

When my daughter was tiny, she asked if she could eat flowers, and I told her that while it wasn’t impossible, most of the time you couldn’t (probably in clearer

Rind Slop Salad

Now this title isn’t very fair, because today’s dish was entirely edible.  I was just struggling for a good heading and feel like I’ve been a bit too free with