Khaleesi’s Calamansis

You know, they tell you that your subject lines should be easily Googlable, like as in, “What to do with Calamansi.” Oh well, I’m happy with the e-friends I have

Abalone is nothing like Beefaroni

Happy New Year!  I write that with an excited tone (you can tell by the exclamation mark) but to be honest, January kind of annoys me. Not that I don’t

Breadfruit. Not bread. May be fruit. But not fruity

This post is the first in a series of three: Big odd green things I found at the grocery store this week. Big odd green thing #1: Breadfruit. You know

A dangerous-eating road trip to New Orleans

As much as I love to cook, sometimes it’s great not to cook. While I get excited to try something new in the kitchen, I also love my restaurants, or nice

Chicken jellyfish slaw

Have you ever been overcome with jealousy while at the library? Happened to me just this week. I was sitting at a study table, innocently leafing through my gigantic dictionaries

Super delicious baby bug shrimp, and a winner!

Now this post is going to look a lot like a love-in. I love you too, I promise. But a while ago, I won the opportunity to name a chicken who

Mr. Burns thinks sea urchin is excellent

There are two big associations I have with this next dangerous food, one from long ago, the other more recent. Long ago: My first job after university was working at

Be a piggy and try conch fritters – how to cook conch

Piggy. Piggy – NIN Okay, I’m kind of misleading you from the beginning, because this post does not involve a single bacon bit. Or Nine Inch Nails, other than that

Salt of the earth – Sea asparagus

I have an unapologetic love of salt. I smother my eggs in it, I add it to McDonald’s already salty fries… can’t get enough. Luckily I have low blood pressure,

Toothless Sunshine loves dragon fruit

Our house is all about dragons right now. The dragon connection started in an odd way. My jeans fell apart, because I’m cheap, and I don’t enjoy buying expensive jeans,