Spicy double chocolate caramel cookies and … turtles

Let me start by saying thanks to April at Silverflux for helping me clean up my site! She’s awesome. You guys like the new look? Now, let’s get down to

Moose Balls

Yeah, I’d eat Bullwinkle. (What are Rocky and Bullwinkle doing in that picture?) But anyway, I’d definitely eat Bullwinkle. Here’s how this is relevant. My most recent dangerous cooking was

I ate Rudolph for Christmas

I had big plans for a Christmas post where I was going to cook Reindeer moss. I was all geared up to use it in place of kale in a

The Bison Saskatoon Burger-wich

Oh, the burger nerd is going to be maaaaad at me. You see, the burger nerd is into burgers. I mean, really into burgers. We’re talking blog posts about McDonald’s

It’s not easy being green – How to cook frogs’ legs

Why does it make me feel so bad to eat this… When I eat this… …all the time. Maybe it’s because she’s such a beeyatch. And now, for a little

Beer and Biltong

This is my first post where I’ve cheated.  Cheater cheater biltong eater. I’ve cheated because I didn’t actually cook anything this time, even though this is a cooking blog.  A

The best bison Frank has ever eaten

Apologies to my many, many fans for leaving you without a blog update for so long.  The truth is I was on vacation, and I thought that if I blogged

Alligator Bites

I wasn’t very afraid of cooking alligator, because all I had ever heard was that it “tastes like chicken.”  For some reason, I’ve always thought that it was alligator or

Ostrich – the other other red meat

I’m not sure that ostrich should be listed in the “me got game,” section of my website, but since I don’t have an enormous catalog of blog entries, I’m going

Boar not entirely boring

Okay carnivores, enough of exotic fruits and veggies for a while.  This one’s for you. Last week I visited Black Angus Fine Meats and Game in Mississauga and picked up