Canadian cocktails and Sriracha sauce

Happy Canada Day! Oh, and can’t forget (How did a picture of our kids’ Kindergarten teacher get there?) Anyway. A little while ago, my friend Trish from the Purple Fig

Rob Ford says goat is good, mon

Do you have any aptitudes that started to express themselves while you were young? I hadn’t really reflected on my early foodie tendencies until this past week when my long

Paneer and a Pen Pal

So this post is a fun little diversion from my usual experimentation with weird ingredients – except that I still experimented with weird ingredients.  I’m addicted, really. Anyway, I’ll explain. 

Horseradish that made my husband whinny

This entry is only my third, but it has, so far, taken the blue ribbon as far as my husband is concerned.  Little does he know I very nearly poisoned